OCEAN CRAFT Foam O Float - Now available as chine stabiliser for your dinghy


2903 foamofloat OCEAN CRAFT 7656 OCEAN CRAFT foamofloat  8576 OCEAN CRAFT FoamOFloat 9312 OCEAN CRAFT FoamOFloat 5544 OCEAN CRAFT FoamOFloat 3165 OCEAN CRAFT foamofloat OCEAN CRAFT foam o float literature

1. Phenomenal Buoyancy and Stability
2. Lightweight and Strong
3. Doubles as Sea Spray dodger and Guard Rail
4. Provides a cradle for your yacht tender inverted on deck
5. Closed cell foam Fire retardant non absorbing Marine Survey fuel and oil resistant
6. Provides additional buoyancy ( 27Kg per metre of boat )
7. Adds positive floatation to your existing investment in boating hardware
Ideal for jettys
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