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The sponson or tubular chines meant maximum water throw down, a dry ride and comfort in virtually all sea conditions because of its conventional deep V bow ( 20 degree). An italic M shaped hull astern - with only the propeller in the water gave the Ocean Craft a cushion of air to plane on. This minimising of drag resulted in incredible fuel economy. Harold Bligh Fish & Boat, August 2002


" The ride was excellent... remarkable positive buoyancy from the sponsons... BOAT FISHING April 2001


" The wide bow will also make it very suitable for fly and lure-cast fishing... " TRAILER BOAT FISHERMAN - Jan / Feb 2001


" Maximum safety and stability on the water means maximum useable deck area - even the gunnel is useable for standing... " BUSH 'N BEACH FISHING - November 2001

" ... makes a versatile and secure platform for most boating activities, and is ocean-going. " MARINE INDUSTRY NEWS - November 2000


As a result of their stability and load carrying capacity they will make particularly good yacht tenders, rescue and dive boats... " Gary Howard QUEENSLAND FISHING MONTHLY - February 2000


" A new design in small boats where every part of the deck and gunwale is useable - including the tubes... " AUSTRALIAN SCUBA DIVER - April 2001


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OCEAN CRAFT inspires experts

This is one very dry hull... a remarkably stable and user friendly boat... " Wayne Kampe FISHING WORLD - April 2001

" the Ocean Craft is a super stable tinnie that will have tremendous appeal to family boaters... " TRAILER BOAT FISHERMAN - Jan / Feb 2001

" the Ocean Craft hulls are markedly different to most boats you see on the water... both craft were quite stable, dry and remarkably nimble... " Wayne Kampe FISHING WORLD - April 2001


"All aluminium throughout. This new inflatable is an all purpose adventure safety boat... " AUSTRALIAN SCUBA DIVER - April 2001

" Scuba diving and yacht tending... it has all the classy features of the bigger models... " TRAILER BOAT FISHERMAN - Jan / Feb 2001

" the safest boat ever built - IS GUARANTEED NEVER TO SINK" Product News, BUSH 'N BEACH FISHING, November 2001

" ...the safest yacht tender around. How? By using tubular aluminium shapes for maximum structural strength, a hollow "v" deck for additional buoyancy and an effective double skin... " MARINE INDUSTRY NEWS - November 2000

" has a host of other applications, including ocean-going dive boat, fishing platform, search vessel, and flood rescue craft... " Mark Rothfield, MODERN BOATING July/August 2000


" The entire Caloundra rugby union team turned out to demonstrate the incredible buoyancy and stability of a new 4-metre aluminium "ducky" called the Ocean Craft Sea King... " MODERN BOATING WORLD - July / August 2000

" you will find them quite easy to handle... The centre hull acts as a big keel, so you will find the boats go exactly where you point them... " Gary Howard QUEENSLAND FISHING MONTHLY - February 2000


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