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" Amazing Ocean Craft 3.4 Launched… Australia’s smallest deep vee plate alloy sportfisherman... “ Peter Webster FISHERMAN and BOATOWNER—April 2005 amazing.gif

...there is no doubt about the OCEAN CRAFT's sea worthiness - with 5 watertight compartments, it is one of the best survival platforms or life rafts you could invest money intoDarren Shiel, F&B December 2004

...in terms of its fundamental seaworthiness, I doubt there is a more seaworthy 3.4 metre boat made in Australia Fisherman and Boatowner - April 2005

helmsman.gif high sided... gunwale using bigger sponsons... to keep surf out...The boats... come with a lifetime warranty - they are guaranteed never to sink ... are... maintenance free, stable and safe, strong and lightweight. ... " Cruising Helmsman - January 2005

" ...the OC 3.4 was every bit as good as ( Ocean Craft’s Mike Jessop) promised—and then some... the OCEAN CRAFT has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance stability, safety ... "Peter Webster, FISHERMAN and BOATOWNER May 2005

" our delight, surprise and satisfaction with the performance of the OCEAN CRAFT 3.4 ... the OCEAN CRAFT 3.4 turned out to be a sensation ... " FISHERMAN and BOATOWNER May 2005

...our hot new little cylinder boat from OCEAN CRAFT... will attract alot of attention… The Editor, F&B May ‘05


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OCEAN CRAFT inspires experts

Worth the effort… There are literally thousands… of Australian families taking off... with roof toppers as their boating alternative or option... a sensible, lightweight rooftopper that offers committed fisherman… a boat… today’s modern sportfisherman or angler needs.” Peter Webster, FISHERMAN AND BOATOWNER, May 2005

... a light, efficient, safe seaworthy and extremely stable sportfishing craft that is just 3.4 m overall... Darren Shiel, F&B April 2005

.. we were both quite dry with not a drop of water coming on board even as she worked the boat up higher into the breeze it still remained dry

“ this little boat is incredibly soft. Amazingly so. I was sitting in the front of a 3.4 m cylinder boat cruising head to wind at 15 knots with nary a drop of water coming on board and not a single bang to be felt . Wow! score 9 out of 10” Peter Webster, F&B, April 2005

Trim is not such an issue in this boat ( you’ve got to think about that) - it worked beautifully

...we both knew we had discovered a new member of the family. Wow! … F&B Apr ‘05


I immediately noticed its stability Wow! This was seriously good… we’re talking about real stability... score 9.5 out of 10 F&B Apr ‘05

...we've got massive reserves of buoyancy from the cylinders ...with that amazing deep vee bottom, we ... get a very, very soft ride… FISHERMAN AND BOATOWNER, April 2005


FASCINATING NEW FISHING BOAT... the softest ride in rough water we've ever experienced in a small boat of any kind... a rugged, strong little boat... we now have the world's most deeply vee'd, 3.4 m platey with a formal rating for outboards to 40HP...but still only weighs approximately 75 kg Peter Webster, F&B April 2005

smallest deep vee plate alloy sportfisherman seriously impressed ... F&B May 05

"OCEAN CRAFT 3100 Spearo Craft... Introducing a very special sort of boat - a genuine macro deep vee cylinder boat with a big water attitude, astonishing stability, ally toughness and performance… It makes a great tender, it's a real survival platform... the ultimate roof topper or mothership fisherman... " Darren Shiel, FISHERMAN AND BOAT OWNER - December 2004

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