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Club OCEAN CRAFT Membership
The OCEAN CRAFT Our Vessels
The OCEAN CRAFT Boat Club Explained
OCEAN CRAFT Club Membership2
Club OCEAN CRAFT Membership 2
OCEAN CRAFT Club Membership


At Club OCEAN CRAFT Boat Club, we are not hanging over your shoulder, we have no set pick up and return times; you own the boat on the day you book it. We like every boating experience to be akin to ownership. Some members have loads of experience, some are first time boaters. We work with members to identify how much support they require and accommodate accordingly.

ADVANCED SKIPPER TRAINING All members are required to complete the Boating Industry Associationís advanced skipper training. This is an online course that takes about a hour and is complimentary for our members. The training is highly relevant to the waterways in which our fleet operates. It gives our members enhanced situational awareness in common scenarioís encountered on waterways.

INDUCTION & SAFETY Regardless of how much boating experience a member has; all members are required to be inducted. The induction has no set pace and is designed to ensure familiarity with each vessel a member will operate and the marina facility from which it operates.

They donít call our Director Mike the Safety First Man for nothing! All our vessels are classified Domestic Commercial Vessels because they are utilised for a commercial purpose. We pride ourselves on operating to the National Standard for Commercial Vessels. In doing so we ensure the fleet is fit for purpose, well maintained and we are on hand for any issues.

BOOK You will receive access to our online portal which indicates availability. To book an available boat simply call, email or SMS or complete a booking request in the portal. You can opt in or out of SMS notifications. Members are notified if days become available at short notice through cancelations or a partial day becomes available.

GO BOATING At your induction we will talk about your boating needs, suggest some destinations and things to do. Members have access to our list of suggested activities and Members actively contribute based on their experience.

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