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The OCEAN CRAFT Our Vessels
The OCEAN CRAFT Boat Club Explained
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Club OCEAN CRAFT Membership 2
OCEAN CRAFT Club Membership

ABOUT OUR MEMBERSHIPS From $192 per month!

Our memberships are formulated to give members maximum flexibility in the way they use their points. Any membership tier can access any vessel on any day.

Credits are formulated to ensure members who utilise vessels during low season and weekdays are incentivised to do so. Credits vary vessel to vessel. Our OCEAN CRAFT 6000 can cost just one credit per day!

A $490 join fee applies. This takes care of your induction, advanced skipper training and marina access passes. MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES MEMBERSHIP FAQ's

Can Memberships be shared

Generally speaking, unless on a Corporate Membership; no! There are exceptions made from time to time for immediate family members wishing to share. Talk to us about your circumstances.

How do you ensure there is enough capacity

We never oversubscribe our membership prior to making additional vessels available. We always ensure there is surplus capacity.

What if I damage a vessel

A fair use policy applies. Damage and defects through the course of responsible usage are taken care of. Damage resulting from negligence may result in a $500 fee to cover insurance excess.

Can I pay for extra points

Yes - you can purchase points on a pro-rata basis

What's required when I bring a boat back after a days use

We detail and clean the vessels periodically. You are required to give the vessel a hose down with fresh water and ensure the vessel is free from debris like sand and rubbish.

Are children's life jackets onboard the vessel

No. We suggest purchase of good fitting, quality children's life jackets. Children's jackets can be purchased from the Club at wholesale cost.

OCEAN CRAFT Club Membership Find out about the club here

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