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The OCEAN CRAFT Our Vessels
The OCEAN CRAFT Boat Club Explained
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OCEAN CRAFT Club Membership

THE CLUB EXPLAINED Its never been easier to enjoy boating! Fixed fee, hassle free boating is so easy, use our boats and we take care of storage, maintenance and servicing. Membership allows you to get on the water at a fraction of the cost of ownership!

1. Join the club Membership from $3,000 per annum with a pay by month option $490 join fee applies Club fees convert to credits

2. Get a boat licence if you don't already have one

3. Undertake on water training and familiarisation with us

4. Book any one of our boats at any location on any day using your credits

CALOUNDRA Golden Beach Power Boat Club boat ramp location Boats from 4.3 metres 6 metres to 7.6 metres You pay credits according to the day, season and vessel you use No additional costs other than the fuel you use


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