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Product News
Bush 'n Beach Fishing
November 2008 p.47

The OCEAN CRAFT 6000 Caloundra Class Extreme Reef Fisher is the Latest from the OCEAN CRAFT range of boats and is packed full of features

It wasn't so long ago that alloy duckies were looked upon as a passing fad

But that was before the OCEAN CRAFT range of inflatable style design all aluminium plate alloy hulls came along.

OCEAN CRAFT have produced 108 plate alloy boats so far with boats available ranging from 2.6 Metre ( 8' 6”) to 13 Metres ( 42' 6”) in length - all boats are all of trailerable width

They are available in three basic configurations

1. Open dinghy base boat
2. Open dinghy High sided gunwale
3. Above waterline self draining deck with hold

OCEAN CRAFT boats come in tiller steer centre / side console, and cabin with windscreen fitout and can be packaged with bimini 'T' top Hard Top Side and or transom entry exit gate for the high sided models and swim ladder and or Semi submerged fold up dive platform for use as Fishing snorkelling and dive boat

OCEAN CRAFT also manufactures a Yacht tender life raft for yachties as a life boat that can be configured with water tanks built into the sponsons for round the world use

Customers have the option of painted or unpainted hulls from marine grade plate aluminium alloy that are virtually maintenance free

There are a number of unique features both at rest and underway, and when turning

The 6 metre can be turned at maximum revs without having to decelerate first and the design of the hull also enables the boat to tackle wind and waves head on


Posi Lift bow means your wake pushes the OCEAN CRAFT up on to the plane faster and stays on the plane for longer Giving rise to a comfortable featherbed ride and is the Deepest Vee deadrise at 28 degrees Monohull on the plane available

The Variable deadrise Vari Hull gets you out of the hole and up on the plane faster too whilst maintaining a comfortable and dry ride with maximum water throwdown

Triple hull Trimaran stability at rest

Outrigger stability when turning

Shock absorbing Air tight buoyancy sections give rise to your OCEAN CRAFT pneumatic properties only in an all aluminium plate alloy hull such as OCEAN CRAFT

Posi Lift Hull aerodynamic bow— wave piercing hull—hovercraft like wake

Aero hull gives rise to Fuel Economy due to the reduced friction on the hull owing to trapped air between hull and tubes and hovercraft like wake that you see behind the boat when underway

Certifiable in survey as a work boat charter boat or for hire with or without foam

And comes with

Davit lifting points

Planing Strakes for safety and stability when turning

80mm * 40mm * 6mm Channel Reinforced Transom offering minimum 30HP transom rating on all models

Self Draining deck when planing underway

Dual eye Anchor / Tow Point

Anchor retainer that can double as an additional Deck Thwart

10mm All round grab rope retainers

Short, Long and Extra Long Shaft outboard engine Transom Height

Bow and Stern Grab Rails

trailerable ( < 2.5M) length and width

Courtesy bow nose bullring for initial trailer retrieve and load

Outboard engine tie on point



Built-in fuel Tank(s), water tank(s), hardtops, different consoles, cuddy cabin.

For further information call Mike Jessop on 0416 293 686 or 07 5499 6937, check website www.oceancraft.com.au

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