OCEAN CRAFT 7600 Buccaneer.htm

OCEAN CRAFT 6700 STRADBROKE 6.7metre Model 'T' Extreme Sports Fisher YOUTUBE

OCEAN CRAFT 7600 Buccaneer.htm
Look at these matching features
1 * Removeable Fold Down Custom Four Poster Canopy
21 18
2 * OCEAN CRAFT Custom Airtight Watertight in tube storage with new semi-circular hatch
OCEAN CRAFT 6700 extreme reef fisher model T OCEAN CRAFT 6700 extreme reef fisher model T
1 * Fold down trailer entry exit swim dive ladder
1 * Grab Rails
1 * External Live Bait well Pump
4 * Extreme Sport Fisher Rod Holders
Adjacent 90 / 180 degrees port and starboard
4 * 45 Litre Removeable Fuel Tub Retainer with wingnut

1 * Live Bait well with aerator overflow drain bung and lid

4 * On tube storage with watertight rectangular hatch for easy access to live bait well and dual battery retainers
OCEAN CRAFT 6700 extreme reef fisher model T
4 * 45 Litre Removeable fuel tub capacity TOTAL 180 litres

8 * On tube seating for fifteen ( 15) people with non slip marine carpet

IMG_20170204_213944_718 OCEAN CRAFT 6700 Model T.jpg
IMG_20170204_214018_862 OCEAN CRAFT 6700 Model T.jpg
IMG_20170204_214159_538 OCEAN CRAFT 6700 Model T.jpg 1 * Removeable Fold Down Custom Four Poster Canopy
With Nav and Anchor lights and GPS Radio antenna platform detail
9 * OCEAN CRAFT Patented Airtight buoyancy section with disclosing bung
Guranteed never to sink lifetime warranty or your money back
valve and bung for each buoyancy section
Bilge well sump detail for
1 * 4000 litres / 1100 Gallon per hour electric bilge well leading to airtight underdeck buoyancy section
24 IMG_20160629_165940074 6700 bilge well sump airtight underdeck buoyancy section deepest vee monohull.bmp
HIN Boat Capacity 15 People

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OCEAN CRAFT - look at these unrivalled matching features in a 6.7 metre boat

posi lift 3.bmp shock absorbing airtight buoyancy chambers1.bmp delayed lift 7.bmp fuel efficient aerated vari hull.bmp

2.4T Payload tubular buoyancy PLUS airtight underdeck PLUS displacement
Lightweight, Phenomenal strength, buoyancy and stability Marine grade Aluminium plate alloy throughout 5mm Plate alloy Hull 6mm * 40mm * 80mm Transom extra *Options may differ from those pictured
Shock absorbing airtight buoyancy chambers
Inboard Tie Down Points
9 * Buoyancy Sections
1 * Grab Rails / Entry Exit Rungs
1 * Dual EyeTrailer / Tow Hitch Point
Dual Eye Anchor Shackle Tie Down Point
OCEAN CRAFT 2017 state of the art production model latest OCEAN CRAFT 6700 HD BEAMY - BEAMY!? because the beam width is actually 2.4 metres ( not 2.1 metres as for other boats) which means more buoyancy, more stability and more cargo on board with more space to put it isn't that why you bought OCEAN CRAFT in the first place!? OCEAN CRAFT Heavy Duty across the Range Standard 2.4 metre Beam on all boats from 4 metres and up and Heavy Duty tube across the range - nothing less

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