OCEAN CRAFT 3300 CARTOPPA a Cracking Option

OCEAN CRAFT 3300 CARTOPPA a Cracking Option

OCEAN CRAFT 3300 CARTOPPA a Cracking Option

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June 2020 Boating and Marine Review by BEN COLLINS

OCEAN CRAFT 3300 CARTOPPA a Cracking Option
OCEAN CRAFT 3300 Bouncy Craft All round Foam fender

Reaching 47km/hr two up, the 3300 CarToppa have cracked 50km/hr With just Mike on board. All Cartoppas have a 1.9m beam or 1.4m between the tube centres.

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Ocean Craft 3300 CarToppa a cracking option

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In the April edition of Bush 'n' Beach Fishing you may have Seen the review I did On the Ocean Craft 2900 CarToppa. As mentioned in that article, all the CarToppa models have the same beam of 1.9m. with the width between the centre Of the tubes measuring 1.4m. however you can increase the length up to over 4.5m.

Obviously, overall weight will determine what you can put them on top of so, that needs to be taken into consideration. Recently, I was able to also test the next size up in the Car Toppa range, the 3300.

While only 40cm longer, the boat felt noticeably bigger, even with the same beam. In this instance the test boat was fitted with a false floor, which housed one of six airtight chambers.

This boat was again destined to be a tender for a yachtie, but with on overall weight of 95kg, you are starting to get into the range where you have a big car topper that would be comfortable inshore and also in some offshore conditions.

Depending on your options, these boats can weigh over 100kg, which is something to be aware of if planning on getting one to go atop your car or camper trailer. Incidentally. these boats are constructed so they continued p84 The 25hp Yamaha fourstroke was more than sufficient to propel the 95kg hull.

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Ocean Craft 3300 CarToppa a cracking option From P.82

bnb article june 2020

page 84 Bush 'n' Beach Fishing, June 2020
double as life rafts, which makes them very popular with dive operators and as tenders for larger vessels.

However you have peace of mind with basically unsinkable hulls that Come into their own in more remote areas of Australia ( once travel restrictions are eased to allow us to travel a little further).

Even though this boat Was rated to a maximum of 30hp, the Yamaha 25hp four-stroke fitted was ample. Weighing just 50kg, this engine is at the top end of the scales when it comes to portable engines that Can be handled by one person

To be honest you would be able to get away with less horsepower given we were reaching about 47 km/h.

This is quick for a boat this Size, and the speed can be attributed to the hull design.

Once we got a little wind under the posilift hull (the motor not trim, so we shifted a little further to the stern ) it really started to move. As you can see from the pics, the hull is designed to get the the boat quickly on the plane and deflect spray from the occupants.

Like the previous test boat, this one also fitted with a fender If I were getting this boat for a car topper I would not tick this option. though I get a front casting platform and lockable hatch.

This would dramatically increase Available area for stowing your gear safely. It also gives you a great access point for getting in and out Of the boat and elevated position for throwing lures around.

I also think the false floor is a must, as this made the floor space much more usable and the boat easier to move around.

In terms of construction, thetube wall thickness is 2.5mm with a diameter of 477mm. while the hull thickness is 3mm.

For more information on these solid car toppers and the various options go to oceancraft.com.au or give Mike a call on 0416 293
Bush 'n' Beach Fishing, June 2020

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