12 most mysterious and incredible nautical facts naval architects still can't explain about OCEAN CRAFT
  1. There is no keel ***
  2. OCEAN CRAFT are an all aluminium Inflatable style plate alloy boat with pneumatic properties with Airtight buoyancy chambers that absorb shock noise and vibration in a marine grade aluminum plate alloy hull
  3. OCEAN CRAFT are designed around Structural Engineering tube round the outside and
  4. Triangulation running the entire length of the hull
  5. OCEAN CRAFT are a Trimaran at rest and outrigger when turning
  6. OCEAN CRAFT are the Deepest Vee Production Monohull on the plane
  7. Faster and lighter Guaranteed To Overtake any other boat with same size outboard
  8. 7 Year structural warranty*
  9. OCEAN CRAFT have Guaranteed Top speed Performance and Fuel economy
  10. Low Friction Posi Lift Unique three stage Wave Puncher Hull
  11. Adventure Safety Boat with LIFETIME Warranty Never to Sink Guarantee or your money back*
  12. OCEAN CRAFT are Phenomenally Buoyant Lightweight Smooth Riding and Stable - meaning double the reserve buoyancy and double Australian Builders Plate HIN capacity AND HOW
*** Recreational vessels only Survey Vessels have to have internal keel because in recorded history excepting dugout canoe no other boat has been built hitherto without one Call now for a demonstration acceptance test drive 07 5499 6937 / 0416 293 686 OCEAN CRAFT boats are on view Please call 0416 293 686 45 mins to 1:30 hrs ( 90 mins) prior to sea trial demonstration acceptance TEST

Please visit www.oceancraft.com.au For a test drive or your Nearest Stockist: Call the sales
office today on Tel: 07 5499 6937 Ph: 0416 293 686

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